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Kitchen Design: Modern Features You Won’t Want to Live Without

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Modern design is king in today’s home. Clean lines, contemporary touches throughout and a host of other upgrades have been making their way through each room of the home for years, and the kitchen is no exception. In the busiest room of the home, shouldn’t there be modern touches as well? Doesn’t the kitchen deserve the very best that designers and builders can offer? We think so! When it comes to kitchen design, here are some modern features you won’t want to live without.

Smart Kitchens

Smart home technology is taking over virtually every space in the home, including the kitchen. In the days of making life easier, perhaps the kitchen is the room that can benefit the most from these technological upgrades. Everything from smart appliances to smart tech gadgets can be found to make life a bit easier in the kitchen. Smart ovens allow you to control the temperature and cook time from your smartphone and touchless faucets are dominating this space in the home. Other smart additions to the kitchen include:

  • Refrigerators

  • Coffee makers

  • Wi-Fi enabled crockpots

  • Microwaves

  • Thermometers & scales

  • Blenders

Smart devices make cooking easier with less worry, making smart technology a top feature that many homeowners desire. Builders and designers are also focusing on this aspect for their new homes to appeal to the masses.

Sleek Design

Many homeowners and designers and seeking to minimize the “stuff” in the kitchen by implementing a more sleek, low profile design. Clean lines and simplicity reign in the home, which means that the kitchen should naturally follow suit. Many homeowners are also choosing to remove the upper cabinets to allow for a less cluttered look in the space, but seek other ways to avoid this area from looking too boring. Bringing in materials with texture, such as reclaimed wood has been a trend, giving this space more depth in its design.

Quartz Counters & Dark Cabinets

The white shaker cabinet style that we loved so much is on its way to saying good-bye as its darker counterparts are now taking center stage. More designers and builders are choosing the dark style to “break up” the space and add an element of color to the kitchen. Homeowners are gravitating toward darker cabinetry, because it doesn’t get dirty as easily. This coupled with the sleek look of quartz counter tops gives off an air of luxury in the space. Quartz counter tops are not only extremely beautiful, they’re strong and are easily maintained.

Modern Kitchen Design

In the days of all things modern, it seems as though the kitchen has a tendency to lag behind. With some of these modern additions, you’re able to function at top capacity in this space, while maintaining a beautiful contemporary appearance at the same time. When it comes to the kitchen, adding in touches of technology, clean lines and durable materials will bring your space into the modern world in no time.

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