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How to Choose Your Home Finishes Like a Designer

By | New Homes

From trim colors to cabinet design, flooring components to door handles, to say that you have a lot of decisions to make when designing a new home is a definite understatement. Who knew there were so many choices for so many aspects of the home? Well, if you’re not in the home building and design world every day, it can be tough to sort through all your choices when it comes to home finishes. That’s why we’ve compiled some helpful tips from the design pros. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong finishes to suit your new home. Here’s how to choose your home finishes like a designer.

Timeless Over Trendy

Many designers advise sticking to finishes that can stand the test of time, as opposed to ultra-modern trends that seem there one day and gone the next. If you’re going for the contemporary look in your home, like many homeowners today, don’t choose too many trends at once. Instead, find a trend that you like and implement it into your home where it works best. Having too many trends in the home can not only be messy, you also run the risk of certain trends becoming outdated quickly. Too many trends can be a recipe for disaster in the home, especially when it’s hard to tell which trends will actually be around for more than a couple of years. The last thing you want to do is a complete overhaul on your home’s finishes every year or so.

Your Time Frame and Budget

Keeping these two important aspects in mind is critical to the home design process. Knowing your budget up-front is key and knowing how different finishes can impact the price of the home can help you decide which to focus on first. It’s also recommended to make your decisions about your home’s finishes within a narrow time frame. Having too much time to decide on the finishes and selections of your home can cause confusion in the process. Maybe last week, you were all about the brushed nickel faucets, now this week you’re not so sure. Making your decisions within a compact time frame helps you to construct a more solid vision when it comes to your new home.

Other Helpful Tips

In the home building and design world, it’s easy to get lost in the details, especially since there are so many of them! That’s why the professionals can help you stay on track. Other tips to keep in mind when making decisions about your home finishes include:

  • Limiting your finish choices

  • Maintaining your focus on the end result

  • Remembering that it’s your home

In limiting the decisions you need to make, you’re able to focus in on what matters most to you. For example, you may not have much of an opinion when it comes to guest bath tubs, but you may be passionate about your laundry room floor. Every homeowner is unique with a distinct style and you want to be happy with the choices you make. Remember, this is your home! Get the most out of it by keeping these helpful tips in mind.

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Top Home Building Lessons Learned from Hurricane Irma

By | New Homes

It has been quite some time since we have experienced something so powerful, so catastrophic as Hurricane Irma in our tranquil city. The sheer force of Hurricane Irma as she crashed upon our shores is something that not many of us will ever forget, not to mention the absolute devastation that followed. In the wake of Irma’s wrath, home builders across the state came to a conclusion…changes needed to be made. It’s been almost two years since Irma made landfall and there have been lessons learned in all facets of our lives. Here are the top home building lessons learned from Hurricane Irma.

Stronger Roofing Techniques

In the aftermath, it was noticed that many new construction homes weathered the storm quite well, as opposed to older homes that saw ample damage to many areas of the structure. This is true in most all areas, except one…roofing. Roofing techniques since Hurricane Irma have been seen to undergo a transformation. More expensive roofing techniques and materials are being implemented into homes to offer a higher level of protection at storm time. Metal roofs seemed to be spared a lot of damage, resulting in many builders considering this as an option for their homes, and many homeowners opting for metal roofing materials after the storm.

Home Material Upgrades

Concrete block homes stood against Hurricane Irma and her violent winds more so than wood frame homes. This is why you’ll see many home builders choosing concrete block and implementing concrete construction in many areas of the home. These include:

  • Concrete block exterior walls

  • Concrete culverts and aprons

  • Concrete covered lanais

  • Concrete driveways, walkways and entryways

New construction homes are also including either impact-resistant glass or storm panels with the home to make it easier for homeowners to stay protected during a storm. In not having to go out and buy storm panels, this can ensure that more homeowners are ready the next time a storm is on its way.

Flooding Precautions

Flooding is a major concern in our area, especially during a storm of epic proportions, like Irma. Not only are homeowners required by lenders to carry flood insurance if they live in a FEMA designated flood zone, home builders are taking flooding into consideration when they are building new homes as well. Many home builders are elevating their homes to help alleviate the risk of flooding during this dangerous time.

New Home Building Practices

No one could have known what Irma carried with her and how strong of a storm she was going to be, but what we know now is that anything is possible. Home builders across the state are constantly learning new building practices and techniques to better prepare their homes during a catastrophe. The risk is too much for the building industry. That’s why new building techniques and more superior materials are being implemented into new construction homes, and many homeowners are seeking to upgrade their homes to withstand some of the most violent winds that Mother Nature can bring. As we prepare for whatever comes our way, we get stronger, as an industry and as a community. We don’t know what the future holds, but we’re ready for it.

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