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New Feature Allows Home Buyers to Customize Their New Home Instantly at

Naples, Florida, September 17th, 2019– Southwest Florida home builder GH Builders, created by Gulfstream Homes, announces the launch of its “Design Your GH Home Online” Interactive Portal now available on their website. The home builder specializes in providing the cost-conscious home buyer with a first-class, value driven home building experience in Golden Gate Estates. Through a more interactive process, buyers can be more involved in the building of their home.

The “Design Your GH Home Online” Interactive Portal offers a new level of transparency to the home building process. By clicking on an available floorplan, potential clients can build their home with the click of a mouse, watching the floorplan transform right on their screen. Floorplans can be altered with up to 30 structural changes on some plans, and there are over 900 possible selection combinations in one floorplan alone. Not only does this give clients the chance to customize their home exactly how they desire, the program also populates a price, so that clients know what they can expect to pay for their new home from a structural standpoint.

Spearheaded by the GH Builders team with the partnership of web designer Terry McKyton with TCMC Interactive, a revolutionary new way to customize a home virtually has emerged. Customers make their selections in the comfort of their own home, eliminating the pressure and risk associated with selecting these options without seeing the finished product first. Prospects and clients can send their plan directly to GH Builders, making for a more streamlined process. GH Builders’ complete transparency ( makes it easy for clients to know what they can afford before embarking on their home building endeavor.

Chris Ghannam, Operations Manager with GH Builders, speaks about the program and how GH Builders seeks to provide even more value to their buyers.

We want our clients to feel more included in the home building process. Instead of worrying over how a certain selection is going to impact the space or the price, clients are now able to see it in real-time. This is just another added value to our clients and it really helps to open up the dialogue at our initial meetings, because now they know what they can achieve with our services. This is made possible through our partnership with TCMC Interactive. Working with Terry [McKyton] helped to make this project a reality as he was willing to push the envelope and try something that has never been done before,” he explains.

McKyton explains the process and the outcome of the service.

The [GH Builders] team really knew what they wanted to accomplish, and it all came down to figuring out how this was going to work with the artist’s renderings and the conditional logic of the floorplans. We’re really happy with how this program turned out. Everyone I’ve showed this to has been really impressed, and I really think clients will be as well,” he says.

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The mission of GH Builders is to make the construction of single-family homes both exciting and affordable again! The team at GH Builders understands both the positive attributes that are associated with a strong and vibrant construction market, and conversely, the unique challenges in keeping construction affordable when demand remains very high while trade resources remain finite.

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